A vision for Cricklewood

Our vision is to make Cricklewood a first choice for families, professionals and visitors. Our overarching aim is ensure that the continuous development of Cricklewood is and will be driven by the needs of our communities who live and work here. This will be achieved through a focus on a range of objectives including:

We want to inspire and mobilise local communities to take an active involvement in Cricklewood.

We want to ensure that Cricklewood plays a full and active role in representing the needs of Cricklewood to  local, regional and national bodies.

We want to ensure that communities set the agenda for the development of Cricklewood.

We want to highlight and address the specific areas that need to be tackled including, crime and anti-social behaviour, traffic management, environment and  the local economy.

We want to give Cricklewood an identity and a voice which creates pride in the area's.